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Toshiba Satellite A50 10.8V 4400mah Laptop Battery

Or Continue Reading Below Design The black plastic Toshiba Tecra A50 gets a small dash of style from its textured lid and deck, but glossy sides give the laptop a less-than-premium feel overall. On the plus side, this is one of the rare laptops with a removable battery, a feature we're always pleased to find. Display Toshiba has given the Tecra A50 a dim display that doesn't render colors well. What should have been green grass on the White House lawn appeared as if it had suffered through a drought, and the Joker's skin looked even more sickly than intended. When I watched a Suicide Squad trailer on the While a x screen may cut it on a smaller, inch notebook, putting a low-resolution panel onto a The Latitude E and ThinkPad T also start with low-res displays, but both can be configured with p screens, while the A50 cannot.

That's lower than the average mainstream notebook 87 percent and Dell Latitude E percentbut close to the Lenovo ThinkPad T 67 percent. The Toshiba Satellite A50 A50 fares just as poorly in the Delta-E accuracy test where zero is perfectearning a 4. That's worse than the Latitude E 0. The Tecra A50's screen emits a low nits of brightness, which makes it dimmer than the Latitude E nitsThinkPad T nits and average mainstream notebook nits.

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Toshiba Satellite A50 The low brightness explains why colors washed out at viewing angles greater than just 35 degrees to the left or right. Ports and Webcam With the Tecra A50's Ethernet port, optical drive, and HD and SD video outputs, users will have no trouble connecting this laptop to the hardware in practically any office. Toshiba placed two USB 3.


Most business notebooks are built to survive challenging conditions, but not the Tecra A50 Toshiba Satellite A50 other Toshiba machines we've reviewed. Another pair of USB 3. The system's fingerprint reader sits below the Toshiba Satellite A50. The Tecra A50's 2-megapixel webcam did a good job reproducing our red Purch wall and my grey shirt, but the image was noisy. Durability Most business notebooks are built to survive challenging conditions, but not the Tecra A50 or other Toshiba machines we've reviewed.

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However, the spill-resistant keyboard can protect the laptop from a little water. While many laptops come with security lock slots, Toshiba claims the Tecra A50's metallic, reinforced slot was tested Toshiba Satellite A50 withstand 55 pounds of force. So the lock might actually be tougher than the rest of the laptop.

In a surprising turn of events, Toshiba gave the Tecra A50 a keyboard that I'm not going to complain about. Designed to protect the mechanical hard drive, the Tecra A50's vibration-protection software will stop the spindle and send a notification alert each and every time the notebook is moved. These notifications are unnecessary, Toshiba Satellite A50 we've got step-by-step instructions for how Toshiba Satellite A50 disable them here. The laptop does feature a fingerprint reader, which you can use to add a biometric layer of protection. Keyboard, Touchpad and Touchpoint In a surprising turn of events, Toshiba gave the Tecra A50 a keyboard that I'm not going to complain about.

Most of the Toshiba notebooks I've reviewed in the last year have had small, 10 x millimeter keys that made it hard for me to type accurately, but the Tecra A50's 15 x mm, backlit keys enabled fast and precise touch-typing.

When I tested the Tecra A50's keyboard out on the 10fastfingers. The laptop's keys have a relatively deep 1.

Toshiba Tecra A50 - Full Review and Benchmarks

The notebook's clickable 3. Its left- and right-click buttons offered a reliable click, but were slightly too shallow for my taste.


The Tecra A50's blue Accupoint nub has a gritty, grippable texture and a concave shape that makes it easier to push than the Latitude E's pit-like pointing stick. The system was speedy and responsive as Toshiba Satellite A50 split my screen between a streaming video and a dozen Chrome tabs, including Google Docs and TweetDeck. The Tecra A50 scored a 5, on the Geekbench 3 overall performance benchmark, which is a worse showing than the average mainstream laptop 8,Core iHQ-powered Latitude E 12, and Core iU-powered ThinkPad T 6, While most users demand zippy and reliable solid-state drives SSDsyou can only get the A50 with a 7, rpm hard drive.


Toshiba Satellite A50 hard disk copied 4. The notebook fared slightly better in our OpenOffice test, which matches 20, names to addresses. The Toshiba took 4 minutes and 30 seconds, which is shorter than the category average 5: The notebook also earned a low score of 5, in the 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited test, which is below the scores of the average mainstream notebook 8,Latitude E 12, and ThinkPad T 6, The Tecra A50's output weakened when I disabled the presets and experimented with different combinations. Heat The Toshiba Tecra A50 can get a little warm, but not enough to become an issue. After the notebook streamed 15 minutes of HD video, our heat gun recorded Toshiba Satellite A50 temperatures on the laptop's touchpad 79 degrees Fahrenheit and between the G and H keys The machine's underside 95 degrees met our degree comfort threshold.

Battery Life For a This run time beats the 5: Laptops with the Longest Battery Life Software and Warranty Toshiba ships the Tecra A50 with a mostly clean installation of Windows 10, with a few useful first-party apps preloaded. Fingerprint Utility allows you to lock your passwords behind your fingerprints, and Eco Utility shows you how much power you're consuming and offers controls to lower your impact. /uploadedImages/Toshiba/Content/Toshiba_Catalog/Laptops/Satellite_Pro/A The ” Satellite Pro A50 laptop offers all the essential business computing.

Meet the Tecra® A50, a mainstream laptop that delivers the enterprise-class features professionals want, at an affordable price point. Toshiba's ” laptop.

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