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For Acorp M-56PML, when a user picks up a telephone handset to make or answer a telephone call, the telephone is said to be off-hook.

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When the telephone handset is off-hook, voice Acorp M-56PML is being transmitted or received over the telephone line, and the modem cannot transmit or receive data. When the user places the handset back on the telephone, the telephone is said to be on-hook.

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At this time, the modem can transmit or receive data. Similarly, if a modem is transmitting or receiving data, the modem is said to be off-hook, and when the modem is not transmitting or receiving Acorp M-56PML, the modem is said to be on-hook. While the modem is off-hook, a user may not be able to make or answer a telephone call. One technique for detecting the status of a parallel-connected telephone handset measures the change in the direct current DC line current.

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For more information, see U. The ' patent describes a communications device e. Abstract; Col. A disadvantage of this change in DC current technique is that Acorp M-56PML modem requires detection hardware or circuits, which limits the Acorp M-56PML and flexibility of detection.

For example, if a modem has a detector capable of detecting a 3 mA change in DC line current, the modem will fail to identify the on-hook Acorp M-56PML off-hook status of a handset if the handset changes the line current by Acorp M-56PML than 3 mA when going on-hook or off-hook. The precision of the line current detection can be enhanced to meet current sensing requirements when line loads change, but that could cause one hardware revision after another, which is expensive for the modem and creates upgrade or compatibility problems for modem owners.

Disadvantages of this technique are the higher computational power required for periodically checking channel response and the complexity of interpreting the determined response to identify whether a parallel device is on-hook or off-hook.


The reference signal is a constant signal whose power does not change Acorp M-56PML time. Use of the same reference symbols in different figures indicates similar or identical items. The device is connected via a communication medium, such as a copper twisted pair telephone line, to the modem.

Signal power is a function of Acorp M-56PML measured amplitude of a signal on a communication medium. These terms denote different embodiments of the invention, as used in this specification. Applications execute under the control of an operating system and cause the computer to perform the desired functions described herein.

Acorp m56pml Modem Driver

Drivers form a part of the operating system and make these functions available to applications. The change in signal power technique of the invention is software-based and measures a change in signal power of AC signals. Acorp M-56PML particular, a computer is provided with a modem. Each of these modems is Acorp M-56PML type of communication device.

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An HSP modem is described in U. With the HSP modem, the computer's processing power and memory are used to house Acorp M-56PML execute software to perform functions that would be performed by hardware in a hardware modem. In one embodiment, the modem is Acorp M-56PML internal modem, and in other embodiments, the modem may be an external modem. The HSP modem includes a software portion modem driver and a hardware portion modem The modem may include hardware or a combination of hardware and software. Modem and telephone are connected in parallel to remote device The telephone line is connected to a remote device An HSP modem is one type of communication device that uses a central processing unit CPU in a computer to perform digital signal processing DSP tasks that are normally performed by hardware in hardware modems.

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For an HSP modem, the computer executes software that performs at least Acorp M-56PML of the processing traditionally performed by hardware in a hardware modem. The HSP modem has a hardware portion, which, for example, may perform simple analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversions. A controllerless Acorp M-56PML is described in U.


Errors in this process can result in computer problems Acorp M-56PML from slowdowns to crashes, so for just about anyone, it's best to go with an automated Acorp M-56PML maintenance solution. Free drivers for ACORP MPML. Found 4 files for WindowsWindows 98, Windows ME, Windows 95, Windows NT. Select driver to download.

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