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The screen is smaller a Archos Archos 405 3. We've looked at three similarly priced media players with identical screen resolutions but differing sizes -- the Creative Zen, the iPod nano and the Archos This presents an interesting dilemma. Do you go for a smaller screen with a sharper image the nano or save your eyesight with the Archos 's 3.


User experience during video playback is most Archos Archos 405 with the Archosassuming you're willing to lug around a larger unit. Wthe Archos supports a resolution of x, but images don't pop quite as much as on the Vision: Regardless, the Archos 's display is bright and colorful with excellent viewing angles and a matte finish that resists glare. The body of the Archos measures a pocket-worthy 4 inches across, 3 inches high, and just a half-inch Archos Archos 405. Unlike the Archos 's touch-screen interface, the relies solely on the contoured button navigation that lines the right edge of the screen.

We couldn't help but think that the white buttons on the will surely pick up some nasty finger smudges over time, but the navigation layout works very well, and the buttons' contoured edges make them easy to navigate in a dark room. The Archos has a few surprising advantages over the Archos It depends on the size and the encoding quality of your files. Archos Archos 405

Battery life lasts up to 16 hours when you play music and up to 5 hours when you play videos. When the battery is completely discharged, Archos Archos 405 long do I need to charge it?

It can take up to 6 hours using the supplied USB cable to fully charge your device. Charging time will increase if you use the product during the recharge. If it takes significantly more than 6 hours to charge your battery, it may be damaged. Please contact our technical support. Available on the Archos web site at Archos Archos 405 What should I do? Check to see if your SD card has a small locking switch on it. If your card has a protection lock, make sure that it is switched off. This protection lock allows cards to be protected from writing or deleting. When I insert my SD card, my Archos does not support the format type or freezes. See http: Copy them to your computer first if you do not want to lose them.

Archos review: Archos - CNET

Which memory cards are supported by the Archos 2GB? The majority of SD card formats available in the market are compatible with the Archos Although most card manufacturers conform to the Archos Archos 405 specification, some may not fully follow such specifications.


Unfortunately, due to the large number of cards, a specific compatibility chart is not available. When I insert my memory card, an error message is displayed. This means that the device recognized that a card has been inserted but it cannot read it. This may be due to a problem with the format on the card. If your card has already been formatted, the formatting may have not been successful. Try to format it a second time. I have inserted my memory card into the Archos Archos Archos 405 its contents do not show up in the Music library.

Archos 405

Your music files may not be tagged, which means they do not contain any data about artists, titles, or albums. As a result, the files cannot be classified in the Music library categories. First make sure you that your clock Archos Archos 405 date are correctly set.

If you still cannot see your TV guide, and you are sure it has been copied by ArchosLink to your device, try the following: This is a special podcast and you will not see a URL associated with it. Where can I register the product? Since the DVR Station is an Archos Archos 405, it is not registered as a stand alone product.


Go to your account page and select your Archos multimedia device. I tried to set my Infrared Emitter but I could not find my tuner brand in the available list. First, make sure you are running the latest version of the firmware. As there are constantly new video products being added to Archos Archos 405 market, there may be some devices that are not listed. Try using all of the codes for a particular brand, there are typically more than three or four for any given brand ex: The Good The Archos offers a big, beautiful, glare-free screen, above-average audio quality, SD Flash memory expansion, and Mac/PC. The Archos (Purple) is a versatile, expandable portable media player which can handle all your digital media needs. The has 2GB of flash memory and.

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