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The atoms of matter, as we saw, combine and form molecules. Atoms and molecules are the bricks out of which nature has built up everything; ourselves, the earth, the stars, the whole universe. But more than bricks are required to build a house. There are other fundamental existences, such as the various forms of energy, which give rise to several complex problems. And we have also to remember, that there are more than eighty distinct elements, each with its own definite type of atom. We shall deal with energy later.

Meanwhile it remains to be said that, although we have discovered Seanix Gatineau Audio great deal about the electron and the constitution of matter, and that while the physicists of our own day seem to see a possibility of explaining positive and negative electricity, the nature of them both is unknown. There exists the theory that the particles of positive and negative electricity, which make up the atoms of matter, are points or centres of disturbances of some kind in a universal ether, and that all the various forms of energy are, in some fundamental way, aspects of Seanix Gatineau Audio same primary entity which constitutes matter itself.

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But the discovery of the property of radio-activity has raised many other interesting questions, besides that which we have just dealt with. In radio-active elements, such as uranium for example, the element is breaking down; in what we call radio-activity we have a manifestation of the spontaneous change of elements. What is really taking place is a transmutation of one element into another, from a heavier to a lighter. The element uranium spontaneously becomes radium, and radium passes through a number of other stages until it, in Seanix Gatineau Audio, becomes lead. Each descending element is of lighter atomic weight than its predecessor. The changing process, of course, is a very slow one.

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It may be that all matter is radio-active, or can be made so. This raises the question whether all the matter in the universe may not undergo disintegration. There is, however, another side of the question, which the discovery of radio-activity has brought to light, and which has effected a revolution in our views. We have seen that in radio-active substances the Seanix Gatineau Audio are breaking down.

Is there a process of building up at work? If the more complicated atoms are breaking down into simpler forms, Seanix Gatineau Audio there not be a converse process--a building up from simpler elements to more complicated elements?

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It is probably the case that both processes are at work. There are some eighty-odd chemical elements on the earth to-day: Is there an evolution in the inorganic world which may be going Seanix Gatineau Audio, parallel to that of the evolution of living things; or is organic evolution a continuation of inorganic evolution? We have seen what evidence there is of this inorganic evolution in the case of the stars. We cannot go deeply into the matter here, nor has the time come for any direct statement that can be based on the findings of modern investigation. Taking it altogether the evidence is steadily accumulating, and there are authorities who maintain that already the evidence of inorganic evolution is convincing enough. The heavier atoms would appear to behave as though they were evolved from the lighter.


Moseley's discovery, to which reference has Seanix Gatineau Audio made, points to the conclusion that the elements are built up one from another. Lord Kelvin, who estimated the age of the earth at twenty million years, reached this estimate by considering the earth as a body which is gradually cooling down, "losing its primitive heat, like a loaf taken from the oven, at a rate which could be calculated, and that the heat radiated by the sun was due to contraction. Radio-active substances, Seanix Gatineau Audio are perpetually giving out heat, introduce an entirely new factor. We cannot now assume that the earth is necessarily cooling down; it may even, for all we know, be getting hotter.

At the meeting of the British Association, Professor Rayleigh stated that further knowledge had extended the probable period during which there had been life on this globe to about one thousand million years, and the total age of the earth to some small multiple of that. The earth, he considers, is not cooling, but "contains an internal source of heat from the disintegration of uranium in the outer crust.

The question, of course, cannot, in the present state of our knowledge, be settled within fixed limits that meet with general agreement. The above illustration indicates the method by which these invisible rays are made visible, and enables the nature of the rays to be investigated.

To Seanix Gatineau Audio right of the diagram is the instrument used, the Spinthariscope, making the impact of radium rays visible on a screen. The radium rays shoot out in all directions; those that fall on the screen make it glow with points of light. These points of light are observed by the magnifying lens.

A zinc sulphite screen. A needle on whose point is placed a speck of radium. The lower picture shows the screen and needle magnified. any form by any means without the express written permission of Seanix . This motherboard Seanix Gatineau Audio with full-feature on-board sound & on-board Lan. Motherboard Seanix Gatineau Reference Manual CA Motherboard Product Guide Audio Subsystem The audio subsystem consists of Seanix Gatineau Audio devices.

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