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All these applications are expressly incorporated herein by referenced as though fully set forth in full. A cable modem, on the other Gateway 535 Conexant Modem, provides users with high-speed Internet access through a cable television network. Cable modem is capable of providing data rates as high as 56 Mbps, and is thus suitable for high speed Internet access, digital television such as pay-per-view and digital telephony.

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Next, modem determines if a synchronization Gateway 535 Conexant Modem has been received from host via digital isolation barrier If so, modem exits sleep mode, else line side circuitry determines if an interrupt has been generated by any of telephone line circuitry connected to telephone line If an interrupt has been received, modem exits sleep mode and a signal is then communicated to host to request synchronization. After exiting modem sleep mode, modem determines if synchronization with host has been achieved. If not, a timeout counter is examined to determine if a predetermined amount of time has expired without synchronization.

If the predetermined amount of time has not expired, the synchronization process described above continues. If the time-out value has been reached, or if an interrupt has not been received, modem may enter an optional sleep or listen mode. Similarly, following the application of power to host []host Gateway 535 Conexant Modem a wake-up or resynchronization mode.

Next, transceiver transmits a synchronization packet to modem Gateway 535 Conexant Modem modem connector Host then awaits signals from modem indicating that synchronization has been achieved. If synchronization is not achieved, a counter is examined to determine if a predetermined time-out value has reached. If the timeout value has surpassed, an additional synchronization packet may be transmitted.

Following completion of the serial communications, an optional low power mode is entered, where host enters a sleep mode and awaits a wake-up signal or service request from modem Furthermore, one of ordinary skill in the art would realize that there are a variety of ways to achieve a connection between or synchronize modem and host after the application of power. As shown, modem [] is attached to PC bracketwhich is a Gateway 535 Conexant Modem square bracket used to add peripheral components to a personal computer.

PC bracket exposes RJ jack of modem to the outside of the personal computer for receiving a telephone line not shown. Modem also includes line side circuitrysimilar to line side circuitry of FIG.

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Line side circuitry is in communication with the telephone line via RJ jackand digital isolation barrier isolates line side circuitry from modem connector As shown, modem cablewith cable connectors and at each end, provides connectivity between PCI card and modem As discussed above, in various embodiments of the present invention, modem cable may be a one-wire, two-wire, three-wire or n-wire cable. In other embodiments, additional wires may be added to provide additional signals, such as a ground signal. It should be noted that PCI card may include a controller, a DSP and a memory with software to provide a controller-based modem, or may include a DSP and a memory with software to provide a controllerless modem being controlled by a host processor in the personal computer, or may merely route wires from host side DIB interface to PCI bus connector to provide a connection between the host processor and modem Modemincluding RJ jackline side circuitry and digital isolation barrier correspond to modemGateway 535 Conexant Modem RJ jackline side circuitry and digital isolation barrier of FIG.

Accordingly, a communication path is provided between the host processor and digital isolation barrier of modem via the host side DIB interface, PC DIB bus and modem connector As discussed above, modem cable [] may be a one-wire, two-wire, three-wire, four-wire such as the present embodiment cable, or provide additional wires for providing more signals Gateway 535 Conexant Modem modem and PC DIB bus In the exemplary embodiment of FIG.


PC DIB bus may also include an additional wire for a ground signal. As shown, modem includes telephone line jack having telephone line receiver with an opening to receive a telephone line.

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The opening defines a number of walls in telephone line Gateway 535 Conexant Modem As shown, modem components may be populated on one or more of the walls. In one embodiment, modem components include a line side circuitry, similar to line side circuitrycoupled to telephone line receiver for connection to a telephone line. Further, modem includes a digital isolation barrier, similar to digital isolation barrierfor isolating the line side circuitry and the telephone line from a modem connector, such as modem connectorwhich is capable of being connected to a host. As shown, the modem components include digital isolation barrierincluding two capacitors andand transformer Digital isolation barrier is connected to modem connector at one end, and line side circuitry at the other end.

Further, line side circuitry is connected to a phone line receiver of telephone line jack via line In some embodiments, such as the embodiment of FIG. Further, digital isolation barrier may include less components, as discussed above in conjunction with FIG. As shown, modem may be attached or plugged into to combo cardwhich is attached to PC bracket Conexant Usb D V92 Modem Driver for Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 7 64 Gateway 535 Conexant Modem, LG RXR7WK, NEC PC-VK21LLNT3GSC, Gateway Ph, Biostar TA, ait, ARISTO VISION i, HP bef, HP BKAA-ABA HPEf. Conexant Hda D Mdc V92 Modem Driver for Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 7 64 Inspiron N, HP PNAA-ABF tf, HPGateway MX


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