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An enlargement of Fuzzy Sets, Uncertainty, and Informationan earlier work of Professor Klir and Tula Folgo"Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic addresses practically every signiftcant topic in the broad expanse of the union of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic. To Asound Als386 Fuzzy Asound Als386 and Fuzzy Logic is a remarkable achievement; it covers its vast territory with impeccable authority, deep insight and a meticulous attention to detail.

A frequent source of misunderstanding tag to do with the interpretation of fuzzy logic. The problem is that the term fuzzy logic has two Asound Als386 meanings.

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More specifically, in a Asound Als386 sense, fuzzy logic, FLn, is a logical system which may be Asound Als386 as an extension and generalization of classical multivalued logics. But in a wider sense, fuzzy logic, FL is almost synonymous with the theory of fuzzy sets. In this context, what is important ta recognize is that a Fl. However, to avoid misunderstanding, the title refers CO both fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic. Underlying the organization of Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic is a fundamental fact, namely, that any field X and any theory Y can be fuzzified by replacing the.

In application to basic fields such as Asound Als386, topology, graph theory, probability theory and logic, fuzzification leads to fuzzy arithmetic, fuzzy topology, fuzzy graph theory, fuzzy probability theory and no. Asound Als386, in application to applied frelcls such as neural network theory, stability theory, pattern recognition and mathematical programming, fuzzification leads to fuzzy neural network theory, fuzzy stability theory, fuzzy pattern recognition and fuzzy mathematical programming.

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This is what underlines the basic paradigm shift which is discussed so insightfully in the first chapter of Fuzzy Sets and xi xii Foreword behind this paradigm shift is the realization that traditional two-valued logical systems, crisp set theory and crisp probability theory are inadequate for dealing with imprecision, uncertainty and complexity of the real world. It is this realization that motivates the evolution of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic and shapes their role in restructuring the foundations of scientific theories and their applications. And it is in this perspective that the contents of Fuzzy Seis caul Fuzzy Logic should be viewed, The first part of Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic provides a very carefully crafted introduction to Asound Als386 basic concepts and techniques of fuzzy set theory.

The exposition is authoritative, rigorous and up-to-date. An important issue which receives a great deal of attention is that of the relationship between fuzzy set theory and alternative methods of dealing with uncertainty. This is a complex, controversial issue that is close to the heart of Professor lair and which be treats with authority and insight. There is a minor point relating Asound Als386 possibility theory that deserves a brief comment. This is motivated by the observation Asound Als386 in the case of nested focal sets in the Dempster-Shafer theory, possibility measure coincides with plausibility measure, I view this as merely a point of tangency between the Dempster-Shafer theory and possibility theory, since the two theories have altogether different agendas.

Although the authors note that possibility theory can also be introduced via fuzzy set theory, their choice of the theory of evidence as the point of departure makes possibility theory less intuitive and harder to understand, The second part of Fuzzy Sets and Juzzy Logic is in the mainapplications oriented, but it also contains compact and yet insightful expositions of the calculi of fuzzy rules and fuzzy relations.

The applications cover a wide spectrum of topica ranging from fuzzy control and expert systems to information retrieval, pattern recognition and decision analysis. The discussion of applications is thorough and up-tn-date. The book Asound Als386 with a valuable bibliography of over 1, papers and books dealing with various issues relating to fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic. To say that Fuzzy Sets Asound Als386 Fuzzy Logic is a major contribution to the literature is an understatement.

In most of the current applications of fuzzy logic in the realms of industrial systems and consumer products, what is used is a small subset of fuzzy logic centering on Asound Als386 methodology of fuzzy rules and their induction from observations. By focusing on this and only this methodology, it is possible to acquire with a low expenditure of time and effort a working knowledge of fuzzy logic techniques. This is not the route chosen by Professor Klir and Bo Yuan.

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Their goals Asound Als386 loftier, they have produced a volume that presents an exceptionally thorough, well-organized, authoritative and reador-frienctly oxposition of the methodology of fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic. The driving force LoW A. Klir and Tina A. Folger Prentice Hall, It reflects the tremendous advances that have taken place in the areas of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic during the period Captured in the book are not only theoretical advances in these areas, but a broad Asound Als386 of applications of fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic as well.

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  • Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic Theory and Applications

The primary purpose of the book is to facilitate eduoation in the increasingly important areas of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic. It is written as a text for a course at the graduate or upper-division undergraduate level. Although there is enough material in the text for a two-semester cours; relevant material may be selected, according to the needs Asound Als386 each individual program, for a one-semester course.

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