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When used for multicast streamingone Mac hosts the stream via asr commands for others to join. As you might expect, any client imaged using asr must be booted from a source other than the destination volume, such as an external hard drive, a flash Apple Server Admin Tools, or a bootable network volume. NetInstall and NetRestore. Network booting has Apple Server Admin Tools a staple since OS X Server debuted, and Apple has built off the NetBoot concept with NetInstall and NetRestore, both of which allow servers to host boot volumes, thereby enabling clients to boot directly from the network based on your deployment options. NetInstall is designed for booting into the OS X installer utility and allows admins to configure options for a traditional OS X install.

It is not monolithic imaging per se, though that is possible. It also performs pre- and post-install tasks such as disk partitioning, directory binding, and application installation. NetRestore is designed around ASR and Apple Server Admin Tools a broader range of options for monolithic imaging.

It can be configured to automatically deploy specific images or to allow clients to select from available images. As Apple Server Admin Tools NetInstall, many deployment-related tasks can be included in the NetRestore process. Essential Mac tool No.

DeployStudio Heterogeneous organizations looking to standardize on a single deployment tool should check out DeployStudioa freeware monolithic imaging solution Apple Server Admin Tools Mac and Windows clients. DeployStudio offers local disk deployment, network deployment, and multicasting. It comes equipped with solid image management and client selection tools, integrates with Apple's NetBoot, and provides excellent deployment monitoring, all of which make it a great deployment workflow management solution.


The biggest drawback -- if you can consider it a drawback -- is that it relies on OS X Server to create a complete network-based solution, including both boot and deployment. StarDeploy and Munki Apple's package.

Server Admin Tools 10.7.5

While these are typically installed by a user, OS X supports package deployment without user intervention -- for example, by adding packages to a NetInstall workflow. Organizations looking Apple Server Admin Tools deploy packages over a network should check out donationware StarDeploy and open source Munki.


These network-based solutions, along with the commercial Apple Remote Desktop, allow admins to deploy packages in the background; they're excellent updating tools as well. Because packages are simply a series of files along with instructions for their ultimate location in a Mac's file system, you can easily configure non-application packages for deploying configuration files and documents. Coupled with StarDeploy or Munki, this method makes it easy to add, remove, or update almost any item over the network, including browser bookmarks, security certificates, and default system or application settings. Adobe doesn't use Apple's package format, but Munki does support remote install of Adobe applications. PackageMaker, InstallEase, Apple Server Admin Tools Iceberg If Apple Server Admin Tools going to deploy non-application packages, you'll need a tool to create them.

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Apple's PackageMaker is a great tool for this, and it is included with the company's Xcode developer suite, which is free and available via the Mac App Store. Intended for use by developers to create install packages, PackageMaker provides admins with an easy way to build packages to push out to clients on their network. As noted above, these packages can be almost anything you want to deploy to a range of client devices, including documents. Two free alternatives are openly available, but not quite as developer-friendly: A similar free tool, Plist Editoris available Apple Server Admin Tools modifying these files from Windows machines.

You may, however, find modifying preferences from within an app and copying the resulting. File Distributor File Distributor is a slightly different form of deployment tool. It allows admins to replace files at various locations within a file system. You can even make use of wild cards to specify multiple locations.

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This is particularly helpful if you are using network home directories and need to deploy documents or configuration files across multiple user accounts. Server Admin Apple Server Admin Tools Server Admin Tools Server Admin Tools Server Admin Tools Server Admin Tools Server Admin Tools. I see that you are looking for some server administration tools for OS X Yosemite. I believe that the tools you need can be found in OS X Server.

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