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Experiment and modeling for flux and permeate concentration of heavy metal ion in adsorptive membrane filtration using a BTC 1618 framework incorporated nanofibrous membrane. Nov The environmental consequences of lead ion accumulation have been linked to detrimental health impacts in humans. S-shaped breakthrough curves were obtained experimentally when the heavy metal concentration in the permeate was plotted vs the filtration period. Simple model equations that enable the reproduction of the S-shaped breakthrough curve were derived. It was found that the model equations could simulate the experimental data reasonably well.

Attempts were further made to correlate the parameters involved in the model equations to the properties of mixed matrix nanofibrous membranes, including the pore size and pore size distribution, membrane thickness, fiber diameter, the adsorption rate constant, the Langmuir adsorption constant BTC 1618 the maximum adsorption capacity. The model equation parameters were also correlated to the operating conditions including the heavy metal concentration in the feed and the transmembrane pressure difference.

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These equations also contribute to the process design BTC 1618 successful removal of heavy metal ions from the environment to improve health factors for humans. Metal-organic frameworks MOFs are a new type of porous materials [14], recently, MOFs have been widely used in the field of adsorption [15, 16].

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These materials are zeolites with networked structures, formed by the self-assembly of metal ions with BTC 1618 compounds containing O or N elements [17]. Jul BTC 1618 easily recovered adsorbent was applied to the adsorption of Pb II from water. We also optimized the adsorption conditions.

The results of the study BTC 1618 that the adsorption process was chemisorptive and endothermic in nature. The maximum adsorption capacity of the composite beads was Meanwhile [email protected] showed good repeatable utilization. Fabrication and characterization of hydrophilic corn stalk biochar-supported nanoscale zero-valent iron BTC 1618 for efficient metal removal.

Fan Yang Shuaishuai Zhang. Pyrolyzing low-cost agro-waste into biochar is a promising means for waste biomass utilization.

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This study BTC 1618 corn stalk-derived biochar with abundant hydrophilic functional groups as a support material for iron nanoparticles impregnation nZVI-HCS. Equilibrium adsorption capacities can reach Multiple interaction BTC 1618 including adsorption, precipitation, reduction and complexation are responsible for metal removal by nZVI-HCS composites, which can be a novel biowaste-derived material for wastewater treatment. High efficiency extraction of U VI from seawater by incorporation of polyethyleneimine, polyacrylic acid hydrogel and Luffa cylindrical fibers.

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