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Clear digital input FIFO.

Always get 0 when read. Disable digital outputs 1: Interrupt Control And Status Register 3.

Adlink Technology - Computer Hardware Parts

Di Fifo Direct Access Port 3. Control ADLINK cPCI-7300 Polarity Control Register 3. B and cPCI only. Plx Pci Dma Control Registers 3. Block Diagram DO0: Most Significant Bit 4. Figure show the data flow of the bit digital input operation. Data flow of digital input On the other hand, Figure shows the data flow of bit digital output operation.

Input Fifo And Output Fifo 4. ADLINK cPCI-7300 digital input operation, data is sampled and transferred to the input FIFO.


Bus-mastering Dma do chaining mode DMA which will generate the desired pat- tern repetitively. The PCI bus master means the device requires fast access to the bus or high data throughput in order to achieve good performance. Page 48 transfer the maximum ADLINK cPCI-7300 size as they have on their system memory. However, if the data should be real-time saved to the hard-disk rather than memory, the bottleneck would be the data transfer rate of the hard-disk driver. Operation Theory Clocking Mode 4. The specific sampling rate or the pacer rate can be program- mable by software, by external clock, or by easy handshaking pro- tocol.

If the external device follows the rule, there would be no data lost due to FIFO overrun. For the digital input, through DI-REQ input signal from external device and DI-ACK output sig- nal to the ADLINK cPCI-7300 deviec, the digital input can have sim- ple handshaking data transfer. Starting Mode 4. Digital Input Operation Mode 4. There are three counters in 82C54, where the counter 0 is used for sam- pling clock source for digital input.

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Page 54 The operation flow is show as below: The ADLINK cPCI-7300 then transfer to system memory if PCI bus is available. From the timing diagram of external clock mode, the maxi- mum frequency can be up to 40MHz.


However, users should note that when the sampling frequency of digital input is higher than the PCI bus bandwidth 33Mhzor the band- width of chipset 30Mhz typically from PCI bus to system memory. ADLINK cPCI-7300 58 fer.

The operations sequence of digital input ADLINK cPCI-7300 handshaking are listed: Define the input configuration to be bit, bit or 8-bit data width. Enable or disable the active terminators.

Define the input sampling ADLINK cPCI-7300 as handshaking mode. Continuous Digital Input The following figure shows the timing requirement of the hand- shaking mode digital input operation.


Page 60 and remove the unnecessary processes in your applica- tion programs. When high-speed sampling frequency is applied, the larger block size will improve the efficiency of DMA transferring, and probability of overrun in the DMA pro- cess will be reduced. Digital Output Operation Mode 4. There ADLINK cPCI-7300 three counters in 82C54, where the counter 1 ADLINK cPCI-7300 used timer pacer for digital output.

CPCI by ADLINK Technology Inc. 1ACP

The operations sequence of digital output with internal clock are listed:cPCI CH 80 MB/s High-Speed Digital I/O Module. REQUEST QUOTE. Key Features.

ADLINK cPCI-7300 Not recommended to be used in the system with greater than 2GB. The recommended replacement product is cPCI, cPCI Key Features. Supports handshaking DIO transfer mode; On-board programmable timer.

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