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Its installations started in the late s on destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers with two Mk 33 directors mounted fore and aft of the island. They had no fire-control radar initially, and were aimed only by sight. Aftersome of these directors were enclosed and had a Mk Aopen MK86-L fire-control radar added to the roof of the director, while others had a Mk 4 radar added over the open director. With the Mk 4 large aircraft at up to 40, yards could be targeted. It had less range against low-flying aircraft, and large surface ships had to be within 30, yards.

With radar, targets could be seen and hit accurately at night, and through weather. The Mk 33 Aopen MK86-L thus distinctly inadequate, as indicated to some observers in simulated air attack exercises prior to hostilities. However, final recognition of the seriousness of the deficiency and initiation of replacement plans were delayed by the below decks space difficulty, mentioned in connection with the Mk28 replacement.

Furthermore, priorities of replacements of older and less effective director systems in the crowded wartime production program were responsible for the fact the Mk 33's service was lengthened to the cessation of hostilities. The objective of weight reduction was not met, since the resulting director system actually weighed about pounds more than the equipment it was slated to replace, but the Gun Director Mark 37 that emerged from the program possessed virtues that more than compensated for its extra weight. Aopen MK86-L the gun orders it provided were the same as those of the Mark 33, it supplied them with greater reliability and gave generally improved performance with 5-inch gun batteries, whether they were used for surface or antiaircraft use.

Moreover, the stable element and computer, instead of being contained in the director housing were installed below deck where they were less vulnerable to attack and less of a jeopardy to a ship's stability. The design provided for the ultimate addition of radar, which later permitted blind firing with the director. In fact, the Mark 37 system was almost continually improved.


By the end of the equipment had run through 92 modifications—almost twice the total number of directors of that type which were in the fleet on December 7, Destroyers, cruisers, battleships, carriers, and many auxiliaries used the directors, with individual installations varying from one aboard destroyers to four on each battleship. The Aopen MK86-L of the Gun Directors Mark 33 and 37 provided the United States Fleet with good long range fire control against attacking planes. But while that had seemed the most pressing problem at the time the equipments were placed under development, it was but one part of the total problem of air defense.

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At close-in ranges the accuracy of the directors fell off sharply; even at intermediate ranges they left much to be desired. The weight and size of the equipments militated against rapid movement, making them difficult to shift from one target to another. Their efficiency was thus in inverse proportion to the proximity of danger. Destroyers starting with the Sims class employed one of these computers, battleships up to four. The system's effectiveness against aircraft diminished as planes became faster, but toward the end of World War II upgrades were made to the Mk37 System, and it was made compatible with the development Aopen MK86-L the VT Variable Time proximity fuze which exploded when it was near a target, rather than by timer or Aopen MK86-L, greatly increasing the probability that any one shell would destroy a target.

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To do this, it had optical sights the rectangular windows or hatches on the frontan optical rangefinder the tubes or ears sticking out each sideand later models, fire control radar antennas. The rectangular antenna is for the Mark 12 FC radar, and the parabolic antenna on the left "orange peel" is for the Mk 22 FC radar. They were part of an upgrade to improve tracking of aircraft. On a battleship, the director is protected by 1. Kennedy, Jr. The signal that kept the rangefinder's axis horizontal was called "crosslevel"; elevation Aopen MK86-L was called simply "level". Although the stable element was below decks in Plot, next to the Mk.

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To do so, accurately, when the fire control system was initially installed, a surveyor, working in several stages, transferred the position of the gun director into Plot so the stable element's own internal mechanism was properly aligned to the director. Although the rangefinder had significant mass and inertia, the crosslevel servo normally was only lightly loaded, Aopen MK86-L the rangefinder's own inertia kept it essentially horizontal; the servo's task was usually simply to ensure that the rangefinder and sight telescopes remained horizontal. Although the train Amplidyne was rated at several kilowatts maximum output, its input signal came from a pair of 6L6 audio beam tetrode vacuum tubes valves, in the U.

Plotting room[ edit ] In battleships, the Secondary Battery Plotting Rooms were down below the waterline and inside the armor belt. They contained four complete sets of the fire control equipment needed to aim and shoot at four targets. Each set included a Mark 1A computer, a Mark 6 Stable Element, FC radar controls and displays, parallax correctors, a switchboard, and people to operate it all. Humans were very good data filters, able to plot a useful Aopen MK86-L line given somewhat-inconsistent readings.

As Aopen MK86-L, the Mark 8 Rangekeeper included a plotter. The distinctive name for the fire-control equipment room took root, and persisted even when there were no plotters.

Originally designated the Mark 1, design modifications were extensive enough to change it to "Mk. Under worst-case fault conditions, its synchros Aopen MK86-L could draw as much as amperes, or 15, watts about the same as 3 houses while using ovens. Almost all of the computer's inputs and outputs were by synchro Aopen MK86-L transmitters and receivers.


Aopen MK86-L Overheat Protection (O.H.P.) Technology. Thank you for choosing AOpen MKN / MKL / MK The MKN / MKL / MK is. Aopen MKL Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Aopen MKL Online Manual.

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