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And that those exiled from Gnome Shell would be served adequately by something derived from Gnome 2. It's not the design decision I would have made, and it's Aopen DX34R-U the design decision KDE made, but I respect their choice and understand why they were compelled to make it from a development point of view.


But that doesn't change the fact that KDE made design decisions that enables legacy hardware to access its primary and newest user experience, and Gnome didn't. However this had various bugs and it took several revisions and rendering bugs had to be fixed and KWin had to maintain a long list of blacklists for various quirks. KDE 4. GNOME in its Aopen DX34R-U versions handles legacy hardware much better as well.

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Both approaches are valid. I don't consider one approach Aopen DX34R-U necessarily better. It just involved a different set of tradeoffs. Gnome Shell requires OpenGL and does not provide any fallback code path, it instead runs a completely different binary with different features and an uncertain future in terms of maintenance. I frequently switch between them just to check out the changes, maintained the Fedora Xfce spin in the past, released a remix of LXDE and currently running Cinnamon and also reviewing the package for official approval in Fedora. That is not a supportable claim at all.

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The fact is KDE allows you to switch compositions off while you can't do the same in Gnome. That's a Aopen DX34R-U KDE supports old hardware better.

I don't Aopen DX34R-U your biased opinions, because I have noticed you're gnome evangelists which isn't surprising, because you work for Red Hat, don't you? I'm a happy Fedora user myself.

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Let's not make this a politics blame game, thanks. This is not correct. We never had a "blacklist" to support fallbacks to non compositing.


We had in one release 4. Thanks to fixes in the underlying stack we dropped the blacklist in the next version again. Falling back to compositing always worked the same way since compositing has been Aopen DX34R-U by default: Just an idle thought, but is it theoretically possible to use OpenGL 1. Obviously I am talking about doing it in a way that actually adds something beyond complexity. And if that wasn't the case you'd still need to maintain separate shaders. Martin can probably correct me here. So in summary: While it's easy to emulate OpenGL 1. Yes, after thinking for a moment it is pretty obvious.

I was more thinking of running the shaders on the CPU and using fixed functions on the GPU as building blocks, but for a pixel shader the cost of scheduling a fixed pipeline function or several!

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Still wondering idly whether OpenGL 1. There's quite a bit of work involved in getting this far, and in working out what the patterns are that let you leave the software world and enter hardware. On the Aopen DX34R-U hand, it could be a fun project for someone with the time and with OpenGL 1. To determine part numbers for the AOpen DX34R-U motherboard we used best guess approach based on CPU model, frequency and features. Ins ta lla tion.

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