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When used for extended periods of time, it effectively reduces eyestrain while also improving productivity.

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This means that your eyes will suffer from over 5 million flicker times in a standard 8 hour working day, which can result in computer vision syndrome. Less Blue Light Blue light is light with wavelengths in the nm to nm range. Display Matte displays are virtually immune to glare -- sometimes, at MSI Wind Top AE222(G) expense of vividness. That's not the case for the EonSLX's x A close-up during the p "Deadpool" trailer revealed the tiny diamond pattern spanning the whole suit.

MSI Standard VESA Wall Mount Kit For Wind Top / All In One PC Series Desktops

The dingy, red suit popped against a crystal-blue sky, accented by the tiny shards of glass spraying from a broken SUV window. Even as I was cutting down a horde of undead ghouls in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, I couldn't help but admire their sickly, grayish-brown countenances and dark, bedraggled hair. The display showed off every grisly wound inflicted, including an arm involved in an impromptu amputation and the thick, dark-red blood that sprayed from the resulting stump. The MSI Wind Top AE222(G) Predator 17 delivered percent, while the Alienware 17 achieved a stunning percent. I was also impressed with the EonSLX's color accuracy. The laptop obtained 0. The Alienware 17 notched 0. On the display brightness test, the EonSLX hit nits, which is below the nit average but better than the Alienware 17's nits. The Dragon was somewhat brighter, at nits, but the Predator 17 and the GJY were the shining stars, at more than nits.

But for those moments you aren't traipsing about in a digital landscape, the EonSLX has enough power to knock all your foes into the middle of next week. With a quick series of strikes, I took out a hideous corpser, just in time to roll away from another attack.

He cast the fire spell Igni to finish off his last enemy, which collapsed in a heap of flame while the EonSLX maintained a steady 55 frames per second on Ultra settings. The MSI Wind Top AE222(G) rate jumped to 67 fps on High and 76 fps on Medium. All in all, it was a swashbuckling good time. The Dragon, which also has a desktop chip, delivered fps, while the Predator 17 and the Alienware powered by the mobile Nvidia M card hit fps and fps, respectively.

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The Dragon was a close second, obtaining fps, while the Predator 17 hit 82 fps. The Alienware 17 was left in the dust, at 37 fps. During the graphically taxing Metro: The Alienware 17 was the closest competitor, at fps, but the Predator 17 was right on its heels, with fps. The Dragon, the Predator 17 and the Alienware hit 49 fps, 38 fps MSI Wind Top AE222(G) 37 fps, respectively.

MSI Launches the AE/G and AE All-in-One PCs TechPowerUp

The GJY posted a below-average score of 20 fps. G-Sync synchronizes the panel's refresh rate with the graphics card, capping the resulting frame rate at a consistent level. MSI Wind Top AE222(G) all but eliminates annoying screen-tearing effects or motion blurring incurred during normal gameplay movements, such as abrupt turns. The tech also cuts down on input latency -- the delay between entering and executing a command.

In other words, fans of fighting games like Street Fighter V or multiplayer first-person shooters like Call of Duty should be raking in the combos and kill shots. You'll also get Variable Overdrive, anti-ghosting tech that allows for faster color transitions in variable-rate environments for MSI Wind Top AE222(G) rendering that produces smoother graphics overall. With G-Sync enabled, I saw butter-smooth graphics and an average frame rate of 60 fps on Ultra settings during my Witcher 3 play-through. Tyrese's pained, raspy tenor, accompanied by a weighty piano and powerful guitar, roared from the top-mounted speakers. For certain article valid only is unopened or provided seal down may be return.


Keep us highly inform, what is the exact reason. Consider returning, wish the money return instead likewise exchange article, not a single problem. This is not a problem. Send back MSI Wind Top AE222(G) us the article at your own cost.

We take the replacement cost of the article into our account. Free Download MSI Wind Top AE(G) Intel USB Driver for Windows 7 bit (Motherboard).


Msi Wind Top Ae G Usb Firmware Driver for Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 10, 8, XP. Uploaded on 1/10/, downloaded times.

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