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If the packet loss is higher than that, the network is too busy. Try again later. If the network is consistently losing more than 10 percent of the packets, consider accessing it through a different service provider.

If the packet loss is minimal but the audio quality is still poor, increase the speed of the serial port. It is possible to communicate between two computers at a speed faster than the speed of the modems Aopen Magic F34 Voice Modem Serial Wave taking advantage of advanced protocols built into most modern modems. Data is sent from the service provider's modem to the modem at the desktop computer in packets.

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When a packet is sent, the modem performs a complex mathematical calculation and attaches the result to the packet. When the packet is received, the modem on the receiving end repeats the calculation and compares its result with the attached error-control value. If the two numbers don't match, the modem requests that the packet be sent again.

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Both V. That is, you can have error control without compression but you can't have compression without error control.

When manufacturers quote a speed for a modem, they are quoting the number of signaling transitions per second. The effective throughput is a function of the number of retries the error-control protocol layer has to make. On a noisy line, the throughput may fall well below the modem's rated speed. Under ideal conditions, the connection may run several times higher than the rated modem speed.

MNP class 5 has a theoretical compression ratio of 2: In fact, MNP class 5 is not recommended for use with compressed data. For maximum throughput, set the speed of the computer's serial port to four times the speed of the modem if the modem supports V.

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Proper Use of Flow Control When the speed of the serial port is faster than the speed of the modem, it is possible for the serial port to send faster Aopen Magic F34 Voice Modem Serial Wave the modem can transmit. The modem may be recovering from a bout with line noise, for example, when a large file is sent from the computer. Most modems contain buffers to deal with this speed difference, but under some circumstances the buffer can become full. The modem tells the computer to stop sending using a mechanism called local flow control. Modems and computers support two different kinds of flow control: For high-speed modems, always use hardware flow control. Tip Hardware flow control needs extra connections between the modem and the computer.

On a standard RSC pin cable, these connections are made on pins 4 and 5. Some cables only hook up pins 2, 3, and 7. Other cables cross-connect the pins pin Aopen Magic F34 Voice Modem Serial Wave on one end is connected to pin 5 on the other end and vice versa. If you have selected hardware flow control but it doesn't seem to be working, "buzz" the cable to be sure pins 4 and 5 are connected straight through. See Figure Macintosh hardware handshake cable. It is connected to pin 5 CTS at the modem. To check the cable, make sure the serial port speed is set to several times the modem speed. Then attach a break-out box to the modem end of the cable and send a large file from the Mac through the modem.

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Watch the LEDs on the break-out box for pins 4 and 5. If the LED next to pin 4 does not Aopen Magic F34 Voice Modem Serial Wave on, the cable is probably not right. Caution When using hardware flow control with a Macintosh cable, you must tell the modem to ignore DTR. Otherwise, the modem will hang up when the Mac drops RTS. Some modems have this function available through a command; others need the user to change DIP switches. Check the modem documentation to find out how to disable DTR hangup. Note Do not confuse local flow control, which regulates communications between the computer and the modem, with end-to-end flow control, which regulates the flow of data between the two modems. Modern modems handle end-to-end flow control as part of their built-in protocols. Download the latest AOpen Audio Controller device drivers (Official and Magic F34 Voice Modem Serial Wave Device · Magic F56 Data Modem Card · Magic.


AOpen Voice Modem Wave Device driver, [more]. AOpen PCI Magic F34 Voice Modem Serial Wave Device driver, f34rexe [more].

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