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Manuals and Software: The two technologies are very different in both scope and implementation, but they've followed similar paths through the years. Both have advanced in features and performance to keep pace with the growing demands of PC hardware and applications, and both have provided the flexibility to serve as much more than just a connection for hard disks. There are now a variety of enhanced Adaptec AHA-2940 versions on the market, delivering variances in performance and device support.

IDE has its limitations. Since its beginnings in the graphics workstation market, the SCSI has proven itself a versatile, performance-minded Adaptec AHA-2940 able to fulfill a variety of missions. Unlike IDE, which started as a hard disk interface and grew modestly from there, SCSI is a feature-rich data bus designed for a variety of uses.

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Scanners, recordable optical drives, video capture modules, and networking devices frequently use SCSI because of its excellent throughput, flexible layouts, and strong multitasking. SCSI devices can be set up in a daisy chain--one device hooked to the next--with a variety of Adaptec AHA-2940 running off a single adapter.

Therefore, a single SCSI host adapter can support multiple hard disks, for example, as well as a mix of other devices. Multiple SCSI controllers can be set up in a system, extending system expansion even further. Adaptec AHA-2940 have yielded big gains in performance as well as welcome improvements in features of SCSI cards.

The devices are usually referred to by the width and type of SCSI connection employed. If you demand top performance, you can't do better than Adaptec AHA-2940.


With the latest controllers supporting higher and higher data rates, there's plenty of headroom for demanding applications such as video capture and high-speed transfers. More important, SCSI's bus-specific talents enable effective multitasking over the bus. Of course, if you need an external Adaptec AHA-2940, IDE is no option at all.

AHAW AHAUW Adaptec AHAUW Ultra Wide Scsi Card

That sounds like good news. I was hoping thay Linux would bring a bright new world free of MS but it is turning out to be a nightmare! Henry Grub is the boot manager in Adaptec AHA-2940.

As with any OS, Adaptec AHA-2940 Windows, there's a small program written to the beginning sectors on your hard drive which is read by the computer when it starts up, and which directs the loading of the operating system kernel. You'll need to use your favorite text editor - pico is the native text editor if you can't boot to a GUI - or gedit if you get as far as a GUI desktop.

However, if you have such a Adaptec AHA-2940, add the following entry to the cadp. This entry disables wide negotiation for the specified target. Also ensure that the upper 8 bits of Adaptec AHA-2940 bus are properly terminated at both ends of the SCSI chain.

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Configuration Procedure Using the Adaptec configuration utility: Ensure that devices on either end of the SCSI chain Adaptec AHA-2940 terminated. When mixing wide 16 bits and narrow 8 bits devices on the same wide chain, ensure that a wide device is at the end of the chain.


The Adaptec AHA PCI-to-Fast SCSI host adapters provide a powerful multi-tasking interface between Adaptec AHA-2940 computer's PCI bus and SCSI devices (disk. The AHAUW Ultra Wide adapter is a PCI to Ultra Wide SCSI adapter that provides connections for up to 15 wide UltraSCSI devices and transfers data at up.

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