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Replace both batteries with new ones. Playback cannot be made. Rewind the tape.

  • AP5VM-2 Motherboard Settings and Configuration
  • Socket 5 - Tuning Old PC Systems
  • Sony Cassette Corder Tcm Ap5V Users Manual
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  • 64MB Aopen Desktop AP5T2 Mainboard PC66 SDRAM DIMM (p/n AOPEN-64MB-PC66-D)

You cannot fast-forward or rewind. The unit does not operate. No sound comes from the speaker. Aopen AP5V sound drops out, sound quality becomes worse or sound has excessive noise. The sound is not stable and becomes out of pitch suddenly. The ppppp is the project code used by AOpen internally and -x is the version code. For example, for AP53 with project code and -3 version code, the mainboard version appears on the PCB as follows: Why the AOpen Aopen AP5V MB do not have cache module expansion slot?

Sony Cassette Corder Tcm Ap5V Users Manual

Every trace and components delay must be taken into consideration. The expansion cache slot design will cause 2 or 3ns delay in PBSRAM timing, and the extended trace length to the cache module through the golden finger will further delay the timing by 1 or 2ns. This may result in unreliable system once the cache module and slot becomes Aopen AP5V. Otherwise, reliable KB is better than unreliable KB with cache module. AOpen is the first company to promote this concept since Aopen AP5V fourth quarter of Why do AOpen MBs have two regulators onboard?

Sony TCM-AP5V Operating Instructions

Heat dissipation becomes a big problem when CPU speed increases. New generation CPUs use lower voltage or split power plane to reduce power dissipation.

Refer to section 2. Theoretically, the more regulators, the more reliable power becomes.


What is the difference of Linear Regulator and Switching Regulator? The efficient is better but voltage ripple and EMI noise is higher. The Aopen AP5V for mainboard designer to consider switching regulator, is simply because they are worry about linear regulator can not fully support the coming new CPU. Actually, this depends on the design and layout quality of mainboard manufacturer. What is MMX?

AOpen AP5V AP5VM Motherboard w/ Intel Pentium SY MHz CPU (2) ME-0XE eBay

B-2 Frequently Asked Questions A: The MMX instructions are specifically useful for multimedia applications such as 3D video, 3D sound, video conference. The performance can be improved if applications use these instructions. What is P? P IEEE is another standard of high-speed serial peripheral Aopen AP5V.

Since P is still under development,there is no P device currently available in the PC market. Also, there is no chipset that can support P Probably in the near future, a card will Aopen AP5V developed to support P device.

SMBus is a two-wire bus developed for component communicati on especially for semiconductor IC. It is most useful for notebook to detect Aopen AP5V status and replace hardware configuration pin pull-high or pulllow.

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For example, disabling clock of DIMM that does not exist, Aopen AP5V detecting battery low condition. The sound drops out, sound quality becomes worse or sound has excessive noise.


The sound is not stable and becomes Aopen AP5V of pitch suddenly. Recording cannot be Aopen AP5V completely. Tape speed is too fast or too slow in the playback mode. While operating, some noise is heard. Press it correctly to set to When the tape has reached the end after fast forward or rewind, noise is heard.

Socket 5: Tuning Old PC Systems

AP5V. Model: AP5V; CPU: Pentium 75/90///// MHz or Faster, ZIF Socket 7(VRM ready). Key Features. V Pentium?High Performance.


AOpen assumes no Aopen AP5V for any errors or inaccuracies that at V. AOpen is the first company to support dual-SDRAM DIMMs onboard (AP5V).

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