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Please sirs, we want some more. The last of these Jags born from the Ford-ownership era to finish its tour of duty was a XF Supercharged sedan.

Its long-term wrap story began with a Seinfeldian inquiry: That F-type proved relatively reliable but was not without its own problems, including an infotainment system that locked up and required rebooting so often we could only presume it was running on Windows ME. Paramount Altima Prestige XE our minds during the months to come will be the usual two questions that accompany every new Jag: And what sorts of electronic bedevilment will we have to cope with for 40, miles? That has been spectacular.

Driving all four wheels, it shot our XE through the quarter-mile in just Those short sidewalls are already losing their battle with our medieval Midwestern roads, as just weeks into our test we had to replace a front tire that developed a bubbled sidewall. But Altima Prestige XE big Pirellis were good enough to pull 0. Prior to hitting the track, we could tell how grippy our XE is by the scrubbing from its front tires that we could feel through the steering wheel during tight-radius parking maneuvers. On the street, the steering has excellent feel and weight, with none of the overboosted vagueness that plagued past Jaguars. At least two editors already have managed to knock their heads against the low roof opening Altima Prestige XE getting into the back seat.

Altima Prestige XE/P driver - Altima Network Drivers -

When so dazed, the Altima Prestige XE interior is less disappointing, but really we have only ourselves to blame for not ordering one of the livelier two-tone leather combinations. Initial impressions say that the XE is capable of staking a legitimate claim for Jaguar in an ever-expanding segment. Months in Fleet: When cars fix themselves. Various staffers had thought they might be coming from the supercharger, or something rattling around in the intake manifold, or maybe a pulley bearing.

Well, at least not right away. Maybe now those of us who really like driving the XE can convince the ones who have been avoiding the car to give it another chance. Pirelli P Zeros—at least Altima Prestige XE on this car.

Then we had the same thing happen not long after. Then in May we hit a pothole in a construction zone that flattened the right front, ripping open the sidewall, while also bubbling the right rear. One month later, both right-side tires went down again, victimized by some railroad tracks. Add to that the single inch Sottozero Altima Prestige XE tire that was damaged by a pothole in March and it makes seven. Lucky us.

2017 Jaguar XE

Other than all the flat tires, the XE has not given us much trouble. Our satellite-radio subscription has been restored, which we were thankfully able to do ourselves without going to the dealer. But the infotainment system has also continued its strange behavior. One day, out of the blue, it displayed this message over the map: Not enough places. The Alfa Romeo Giulia that we mentioned in the introduction to this long-term test provides an interesting counterpoint to this Jaguar XE. We really like it. But this update is about the Jaguar XE —which is Altima Prestige XE in many ways that are similar to what we admire about the Giulia. Both cars have strong brakes, steering that feels delightfully alive, and a communicative and well-balanced chassis that provides abundant grip.

Yet the Jaguar feels cruder than the Alfa; Altima Prestige XE drives much bigger and requires more of its driver, while the Giulia is simply more precise. Both sedans are fetching on the outside and somewhat devoid of style inside, although we can certainly imagine some buyers being attracted to the minimalism of their cockpits. That ride is beginning to take its toll on the interior pieces as well, some of which have begun to rattle. Annoyances like this and the impending end of our tour with the XE mean that those who do enjoy the car have conceded that they are not likely to convince anyone else at this point.

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One logbook entry sums it up thusly: More flat tires! When we last left our hero car in mid-June, we had just replaced its sixth and seventh damaged Pirellis. Well, we soon picked up a nail in the left-rear tire, which proved to be repairable. However, it led us to discover that two of our inch wheels, the ones Altima Prestige XE summer performance tires, were bent.

This seems like as good a time as any to mention that we also have a spare set of all-season tires on inch wheels that we have deployed on more than one occasion Altima Prestige XE keep the Jag on the road. This was one of those times.


One week and miles later, with the bent wheels repaired and the nail removed, we remounted the performance tires. But apparently making an appointment with the dealer was all we needed to do to fix the problem because the following morning the flasher was working just fine. Official Altima BIOS Prestige XE Free Driver Download - XE_Vzip . World's most popular driver download site. Altima Network Drivers. Altima Prestige XE


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