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Three stompbox-style displays—each with its own dedicated foot switch and control knobs—make it easy to edit effects and bring them in and out as needed.


Advanced features like an onboard chromatic tuner, balanced line-level output, USB port, and integrated rhythm patterns and looper complete the picture. These include compressors, noise gates, filters, equalizers, and wah effects, as well as boosters, overdrives, fuzzes, phasers, and flangers, plus chorus, pitch shift, tremolo, vibrato—even ring modulation. The 22 amp models provided by the G3 include emulations of both vintage and modern Zoom G3 Guitar Pedal and solid-state amplifiers from manufacturers like Fender, Marshall, Vox, Matchless, Mega Boogie, Sound City, Hiwatt, Orange, Two Rock, Diezel, and ENGL, each with Zoom G3 Guitar Pedal own distinct cabinet modeling that can be used to further alter the tonal quality. What's more, you can pair any amp model to any cabinet model for unusual, and often striking effects. You can change patches via the pair of patch select buttons that scroll up or down through the patch list or you can use the footswitches.

Holding down footswitch one puts the unit into a mode where you can use the other two footswitches just likethe patch select buttons - footswitch two selecting the next patch down the list and three the next patch up you can jump banks by pressing one and two or two and thee simultaneously. In this mode the patch number shows up in the middle window, and its name in the right window. If you want to access individual effects in the patch you just hold footswitch one down again and the unit reverts to the standard display with a graphic representation of each effect in its own window.

Technical Specification

Below each Zoom G3 Guitar Pedal are three knobs to adjust the effect's parameters. Grab a knob and the graphic display flips to show you the parameters you are editing and their values. If an effect has more than three editable parameters, there will be extra pages to display those, accessed by a small button above the window. You can quickly change Zoom G3 Guitar Pedal effect that is assigned to that module via an adjacent pair of cursor buttons above the window that scroll up and down the model list.

Any changes that you make to a patch are instantly stored. Sounds The range of effects on tap is impressive, with loads of different modulation, delay and reverb types, plus some more esoteric options. While the G3 comes loaded with patches that showcase the unit's sonic capabilities, most of them are quite practical, with instantly usable tones formed from a complementary array of individual effects or amp and effects. You can, of course, tweak any of them or get rid of the lot - there are lots of different effects combinations to be explored, resulting in a massive range of sounds. Recording is dead easy via the USB connection, which has a direct monitoring capability so you can hear exactly what you are Zoom G3 Guitar Pedal without any latency delay, while, for live use, the combination of patch selection plus effects bypass via footswitch works a treat, and is very flexible in the options it gives you.

It's large, not portable in a quick and easy sense and is too much to lug around. I got this Zoom to try out and see if it would solve these problems and it does.


It is the best pedal I've ever used. There are some minor quirks with switch combinations but that is expected in a such a compact unit.

Zoom G3 Multi-Effects Guitar Effect Pedal

Most all players once past the noise creation stage have 3 maybe 4 sounds they play continually. This pedal will do it in Zoom G3 Guitar Pedal easy to use and easy to carry format. It is fine in the studio. I have both outputs into my mixer then using the aux master buss out to my two amps. The balanced output I have sent raw to one channel of the same mixer to record and then apply effects if needed during mix.

Zoom G3 review MusicRadar

The effects more than suit what I need. Delays are very nice. I can't say I would not sell this box because one day technology will supersede this unit and the next one will most likely be even better. But Zoom G3 Guitar Pedal days of loose stomps and rack mount processors are over for me. I promise you if I gave you a blind hearing test with a song using this and an Axe Fx you wouldn't not know the difference.

If you are young you are living Zoom G3 Guitar Pedal a very good time to see all this goodness come out. So if you are looking give this a try. I did not want the G5 because it was too big and I was looking for compact and portable but it has some nice features.

Read full review Verified purchase: New by guitforthelord Zoom G3 Guitar Pedal 11, Zoom G3 original model great tones - easy to use! You can use it in stomp box mode, where it is like having 3 stomps with a foot switch and parameter knobs for each stomp box.

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You can use 6 effects or an amp model Zoom G3 Guitar Pedal 5 effects at once so to see the other three you have to shift the view over. The Zoom G3 guitar pedal opens the door to a new level of creativity.

It offers 94 effects, along with 22 amp and cabinet models, and allows you to chain up to six. Buy Zoom G3 Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator: Musical Instruments - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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