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Whilst the filter is almost unfeasibly effective, it does place some fairly prohibitive caveats as to where the DT50 can be located in a room.


In fact the DT50 is far nicer in the Panasonic Viera TX-L47DT50B TV than the D and possesses a build quality that puts the Samsung to shame. Ironically Samsung have ditched the silver trim in their flagship so Panasonic are still playing catch-up it seems.

Panasonic DT50B (TX-L47DT50B) 3D LED LCD TV Review

The stand feels extremely - and reassuringly — heavy when compared to the kind that ships with a typical LED TV and it attaches to the back of the television with a and forgive the lack of technical nomenclature connecting tube that slopes back at around 45 degrees. Quick cleaning tip — a lens cloth does a fine Panasonic Viera TX-L47DT50B TV here.

The top USB input is the one designated for use with the built-in PVR functionality by means of connecting an external hard drive. The AV2 connection doubles up for component and composite video and the AV selection menu lets you manually select which type of signal is being sent whilst the AV1 input is the domain of SCART sources. The glasses have quite large lenses and are very tint free. A delve in to the Setup menu will allow for the enabling of the isf picture modes and will give two further Viewing Panasonic Viera TX-L47DT50B TV to the Picture Menu in Professional 1 and 2. The Professional Modes allow for a more detailed calibration with their 2 point white balance sliders, pre-set Gamma curves and a 3D CMS allowing for full control over the Hue, Saturation and Luminance of the primary colours.

The advanced calibration options are accessed from toward the bottom of the second page of the Picture menu, under Advanced Settings. Completing the set of selections on the first page of picture options we have Vivid Colour and C. S, neither of which we saw fit to engage as vivid colour just unnecessarily increases colour luminance brightness and the C. The P-NR picture noise reduction and 3D-Comb options on Page 2 proved of no benefit with any of the material we tested the DT50 with but we do like the fact that the Screen Display can be set to off to preserve energy and is especially useful for anyone that uses the Panasonic to access radio services through the Freeview or Freesat platforms. Finally, as far as the picture options are concerned, there are a number of 3D settings available.

On the same theme, at the bottom of the 3D options, we can access the built in warning message concerning the viewing of 3D images by way of Safety Precautions.


The Off setting speaks for itself but On detects particular 3D signals Frame Sequential, SBS etc and displays them automatically and On Advance detects Panasonic Viera TX-L47DT50B TV 3D signals and shows them without any notification or user intervention necessary. It sounds a little more confusing than it really is but we set ours to On Advance and had no issues with multiple signal detection. We found a combination of selecting Panasonic Viera TX-L47DT50B TV as the Mode together with V-Audio ProSurrond as the Surround option to give some pretty creditable results during our Blu-ray session with the DT Naturally there are the usual Bass, Treble and Balance options as well as an Equaliser that becomes available when the User mode is selected. It was the first thing we did even if the logo is reasonably discrete.

For anyone wishing to utilise the previously mentioned recording facilities with external storage, be warned the hard drive will need to be a minimum of GB in capacity up to a maximum of 3TB. If they can get the streaming issues ironed out, it will be a fairly formidable media player for one built in to a TV. Panasonic certainly seem to be putting their full weight behind developing their connected TV services and can longer be seen as the poor relations in this department and we look forward to seeing what more they have in store Panasonic Viera TX-L47DT50B TV the future.

Test Results Measured Results — Out-of-the-Box Before embarking on our calibration of the Panasonic DT30 we were slightly disturbed by a very noticeable orange tint to images, even in the most accurate True Cinema and Professional modes. Fortunately it transpired to be nothing more than a short term bedding in issue and after 30 hours running continuously it had disappeared and, as Panasonic Viera TX-L47DT50B TV turns out, in quite spectacular fashion. For those interested the True Cinema and Pro modes measured, as near as damn it, identical but we elected to calibrate the Professional 1 pre-set for no other reason than it was possible to copy the calibrated settings over to other inputs; in other words, it was just convenient to do so.

Calibrators should welcome the three accurate modes to play with for the flexibility it will allow.

So, after the Panasonic Viera TX-L47DT50B TV turnaround we mentioned in the paragraph above, the DT50 gave us these results for greyscale and gamma: Gamma tracking was just above our 2. The measurements were taken with a pre-selected gamma of 2. The increase in the error of Cyan is unfortunate and we been performing a calibration for say a Manchester City supporter, we may have done things differently but the overall improvements were more evident than most would suspect when flicking between the calibrated and non-calibrated Professional modes. Picture Processing This is an area where Panasonic struggled in the past in comparison to their competitors but the last couple of years has seen them get their video processing act together.

This look was pioneered by Samsung two years ago and has now been adopted by Panasonic.

It doesn't quite match the also stunning LG 47LM for minimalism or inventiveness, but the design is still lovely, combining an ultra-trim silver bezel measuring 1cm deep with a translucent bottom lip. The connections role call Panasonic Viera TX-L47DT50B TV no compromises in terms of attendance or layout. All sockets considerately face downwards or sideways, enabling wall or stand mounting. One of these can be used for PVR-style recording to a hard disk, which provides elementary time-shifting or archiving from whatever channel the TV is tuned in to. Sadly, it can't record one Freesat channel while watching something on Freeview, but you can view the recordings on a connected DLNA device. It's a shame TVs aren't built with the same flexibility as cars, where customers choose a basic spec and cherry pick the extras according to their budget and needs.

After enjoying the casual Panasonic Viera TX-L47DT50B TV of passive 3D on LG's 47LM it seems a real faff having to pair this TV with its spectacles and deal with the numerous flashing red and green light signals that the glasses emit according to their status. With passive 3D there are no buttons or switches to deal with.

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