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: PNY NVIDIA Quadro K - (VCQKDVI-PB): Computers & Accessories

I see what you guys are saying here. At the software level, this is controlled by the driver, not any DCC apps themselves.


Some apps are be optimized for SLI, primarily games, but they do not have to be coded to support it explicitly to see any benefits from it. To my knowledge there are no DCC based apps that have such coding, as you guys have mentioned. But I will say that I do see a general performance increase with my x2 somewhere in the area Abit NVIDIA Quadro DCC 20, possibly 30, percent with SLI enabled.


I setup a pretty beefy media Abit NVIDIA Quadro DCC that doubles as a game machine for that. While unfortunately not yet available to review, on paper these NGX tools should find an eager audience in one or more professional segments. The concept of Super Rez, for example, holds the potential to be a game changer for those in graphic design, who too often have to grapple with requests to blow up big images from low-res source files. If you expected a card that could achieve the level of improvement that its predecessor the P achieved over its previous generation the Maxwell-based Myou may be disappointed.

But it does fare very well compared to its primary market competition in terms of performance, power and form factor. And it would appear both by benchmark data and logical extrapolation that its speedup for ray tracing is far more significant.

With Fermi, Nvidia was aggressively trying to make the transition to GPUs that could excel at more than graphics, to create a flagship new GPU architecture that could embark on the path of becoming Abit NVIDIA Quadro DCC general-purpose compute accelerators for highly parallel, floating-point intensive applications. In exchange for that bit of suffering—which was not pronounced and proved short term—Nvidia achieved what it wanted to: Still, sacrificing significant cost in Turing to include both sets of new cores reflected a gamble we believe Nvidia was very consciously making. Will the demand Abit NVIDIA Quadro DCC realtime ray tracing emerge in dramatic fashion—and therefore justify the choices Nvidia made with Turing—the way non-graphics compute applications did?

Though they both produce 3D images, ray tracing is a fundamentally different algorithm requiring a different architectural approach to implement optimally.

And that means to make the transition to ray tracing will not only take quite a bit of time, it will mean having to break the chicken-and-egg dilemma software and Abit NVIDIA Quadro DCC developers face: The transition has to begin somewhere, and this looks a viable time to start. By that definition, Nvidia will likely achieve success with Turing. Rather, because the company has once again taken a gamble to produce hardware to help seed a transition to new usage models and applications, knowing the payoff is likely a long term one.

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Clock rates are also the same. The big difference is in software support. One nice addition to the software is the inclusion of Elsa's Maxtreme drivers for 3ds max, which have Abit NVIDIA Quadro DCC purchased by Nvidia so that anyone using a Quadro-based card can use them.


I really like the Maxtreme drivers, as they offer max users many additional features on top of max's standard OpenGL drivers, allowing you to optimize the viewports for speed or quality. The drivers support three levels of transparency, and five levels of texture mapping. Higher quality texture mapping means slower speed. The coolest feature is the ability to display accurate fog in Abit NVIDIA Quadro DCC viewports, which enables you to fine-tune your fog and animation before you render. The drivers also support stereo, which I did not test, but they should be able to show you your 3ds max scenes in glorious 3D, which might help the modeling and animation process.

NVIDIA Quadro P vs NVIDIA Quadro P

The performance of the card was almost identical to that of the GeForce3. NVIDIA Quadro DCC is the only professional graphics solution that can take advantage of every new feature incorporated into leading DCC applications, and is  Missing: Abit. With the introduction of the Quadro DCC line of Abit NVIDIA Quadro DCC, Nvidia has pushed the high This is probably due to the Maxtreme drivers, which speed things up a bit.

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