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The remote includes buttons for turning the speakers on and B&W MM-1 Speakers, muting the speakers, and adjusting the volume level. These playback-control buttons can be used only when the speakers are connected to your Mac via USB. Another interesting tidbit: When the MM-1 is connected to your Mac and an analog audio source, whenever your Mac produces an alert sound, the audio from the analog source is briefly quieted to ensure you hear that alert.

That system includes two flat-dipole satellite speakers and, with its 5. Latest Bookshelf Speaker Reviews Jun How do they sound? Dennis Burger puts a complete system to the test.

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1

JBL Synthesis L Classic Loudspeaker Reviewed B&W MM-1 Speakers no secret that as time and technology have progressed, things have gotten more complicated and less reliable as we Mini Theater MTD. Custom Installation In-Ceiling.

Outdoor Speakers. Custom Theater. Headphones PX.

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P5 Wireless. P9 Signature. This same chip doubles as a headphone amplifier with a maximum output of 14mW, and also converts analog signals from the Aux jack to B&W MM-1 Speakers - a required step to allow for DSP processing. Perhaps some limitation with the Atmel MCU is holding it back. Yes, I can reduce the B&W MM-1 Speakers depth to 16 with negligible impact on the sound quality, but it still demonstrates a certain lack of foresight by the manufacturer.

Are B&W MM-1 PC speakers worth $? - CNET

Your review explains virtues of MM1 very well. Although Bose M2 has been my favorite desktop speakers great sound as long as proper toe-in, and. I have heard the original Focal XS 2.

It always seemed like it was "faking it" with overly crisp upper mids and a general sense of artifical hi-fi-ness is that a word? And I could always locate the sub no matter where I placed it, probably due to the crossover point being so high. I really do think throwing B&W MM-1 Speakers the money at 2 speakers instead of 3 makes more sense at this price range.

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The XS book could be a step in the right direction. Haven't had a chance to hear it though. In this case, guys who wear B&W MM-1 Speakers and schwanky offices and still want something that sounds good. I really liked their stealth good looks and sound that was much bigger than the box it came out of.


Sure, I love having Harbeths on my desk here at home, but big speakers in a serious office might be a bit gauche. The MM-1 turns the trick in that regard: You guys really need to review the Audioengine A2's--widely considered the best small desktop speakers out there. Also, the B&W MM-1 Speakers FoxL with the palm-sized FoxLo subwoofer is also one of the most compelling portable-size bluetooth speaker systems currently available. The first hint that this is something a little clever is the inclusion of a USB cable: It's not often that I get to write nearly an entire review while actually evaluating the product I am reviewing non-stop.

With the MM-1's that's exactly what I did - and loved every minute of it.

The RSS feed provided is for personal, non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this content in your news B&W MM-1 Speakers, RSS reader, or direct, then the site you are looking at may be guilty of copyright infringement. Skip to content. It's bouncy, infectiously rhythmic given half the chance, and incredibly wideband sounding.

Design and construction are first-class, a stylish wrapper over the most supremely musical desktop PC speakers we've heard to date. Speakers this small have absolutely no right B&W MM-1 Speakers sound so damn good. Shaped like a high-tech rugby ball, it staked out new ground for a kind of high-end audio for iPods, wrapped in an iconic piece of industrial design. A 75mm mid-bass driver handles the lower end of the audio range, while a 25mm tweeter carries the high notes. to suit any modern workstation, MM-1 speakers will turn your computer into a powerful audio system that sounds as good as it looks. From user to listener. MM The MM-1 is a computer speaker with a difference. It's a true two-way hi-fi speaker, shrunk to fit on your desktop, turning your PC or Mac into a superb sound system.

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