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With version 9. Indi Direct Address: Check out their ads in Amiga World for the best prices.


At the moment there is a packae being sold containing several games for around UK pounds. The CD32 emulation will not work with the A Tested without accelerator 1 internal k floppy Archos PCMCIA.

Amigados 3. However there is apparently a bug in the installation which Archos PCMCIA installation on systems with 1 disk drive. Necessitating manual installation. Special Reserve, where I got my drive have re-written the script for those with only one floppy.


The interface lead I was supplied with was quite short, so the drive has to be close to your setup. Phono leads are supplied which you use to pass through the Amiga audio so you can hear both internal Amig a sounds and CD soundtracks. I was supplied with a very large power supply which prevents another plug being next to it on my extension lead. As I had two drives floppy Archos PCMCIA was not a problem.

Big Book of Amiga Hardware

Using the standard Commodore Installer it Archos PCMCIA a simple matter to install the software to hard disk. This involves altering the startup-sequence names, so be aware that some software that doesn't use the s: If you are booting from CD, you must hold down either the left or right mouse button at bootup.

The left button brings up a CD startup control screen from which you can select keyboard settings to patch the CD32 controller to 3. The settings are saved to disk so that you can use the right mouse button to boot directly. A Archos PCMCIA is automatically set up in sys: Soundwise it has been said that on some models the mixing levels of Amiga and CD audio are a little low. I didn't find any problems with my unit, the audio is v ery clear. Okay, to work! I'll look at various CD formats and how Archos PCMCIA were handled. Having access to one of the PD CD's is simply amazing - all that software available to youand no download times or costs.

I tested Aminet 3 and 4 and they both worked perfectly. Magazine CDs are pretty scarce at the moment, let's hope that this changes in the future. I have the third and found it to work very well. It uses a multimedia interface too which a gain requires a CD32 controller or use of keyboard emulation. A magazine called CD32 Gamer is the most regular CD magazine at the moment, which consists mainly of unsurprisingly games. The issues of this I tried all worked fine.

Archos OverDrive CD - Amiga Hardware Database

Earlier version of the software were a bit eratic, with tracks skipped sometimes, but v9 seems to operate pretty well. Not all options work, but it's worth a look. In play, Audio is excellent. Well, as long as you play something decent: What about Akiko? How compatible is it? You may need to do a bit of fiddling with the boot options CD ocassionaly, but you should get there in the end. The first game I got Archos PCMCIA my drive was Microcosm This is probably the only game that actually uses the Akiko chip, and the only place it's use is evident is in the intro animation to Microcosm. If you play this full-screen it flickers quite a bit. Play it quarter screen like the in-game anims and it's fine.

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The game plays fine - no flicker, no slow down. It works. Again it works okay, the only problem being you need to reset it after a game if the music was on, which is a shame. Other than that it's fine. IDE controller; a very simple device containing no additional logic circuit - the hard disk is connected straight to the Archos PCMCIA slot Archos PCMCIA a ribbon cable; stylish case. Amiga Hardware Database - Archos OverDrive CD. Company.

Archos, France. Date. Amiga. A, A Interface. PCMCIA.

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